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About Our Company

Our daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 3, so we began giving her the recommended medication from her doctor. Since my husband had been previously diagnosed with food allergies to gluten and dairy, we decided to begin a gluten-free and dairy-free diet for our daughter.

Later that year our family attended the Minnesota State Fair. As we walked around the fairgrounds, we repeatedly had to tell our daughter “sorry – you can’t eat that”. The state fair had been a place where we had made many enjoyable memories, but this year our experience was pretty miserable. We began having discussions considering what it would take to start an allergen-free mobile food business.

After 3 months of medication and diet change, her arthritis went into remission. After 6 months of medication, tests showed that her liver was stressed. We stopped the medication but continued the diet change, and her arthritis continues to be in remission 4 years later.

During the winter of 2012, we started working on a mini donut recipe that was free of gluten and the top 8 allergens. In May of 2013, we were accepted to be a vendor at the Dakota County Fair, and Free Indeed Food was born!

Our mission is to continue to provide fun, safe foods for families who have food allergies and sensitivities. We want everyone to be able to create memories they can share as a family, regardless of diet restrictions.